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At long last we have some excellent news. As vaccine distribution accelerates in many parts of the world, real progress back towards "regular life" can begin. President Macron has at last given us a detailed calendar for reopenings here in France, allowing those of you impatient for travel some facts to help your planning!

Here's where things are at:

France has announced that as of June 9 it will accept people from a list of countries - if they have been fully vaccinated with one of the European Unions accepted vacines (Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zaneca and Johnson & Johnson) - to come to France and travel freely (including within European countries) without a quarantine. People planning on traveling to France will also have to provide a negative PCR test from less than 72 hours before their flight. There are discussions about some type of "Health Pass" with vaccine confirmation, but at the moment this has not been finalized.

This list of countries includes all of the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. At the moment it does not include Great Britain. Of course, the partner country also has to be willing to allow international leisure travel for their residents (this is the case in the United States, but not in Canada, Australia or New Zealand at the moment).

Hotels, as throughout the pandemic, are allowed to be open. Many that had decided nonetheless to close down in the interim have now reopened for the season.

There is currently a curfew throughout France of 9pm; on June 9, this curfew will be pushed back to 11pm.

Cafés and restaurants are currently allowed outdoor (terrace) service. On June 9 that service will be extended for indoor seating as well.

All shops and museums and tourist sites are generally open - and have set in place measures to control the number of people, and to maintain safety (masks, gel, distance, etcetera).

So in short, our travelers from the United States are allowed to come to France, assuming you are vaccinated. Many other countries are moving towards this, but not quite there. As always, in order to allow you worry-free planning, we are postponing all deposit payments for booked tours until a later date.

Once again, thank you to all our travelers for your wonderful words of support over the past year's challenges; we look forward to planning your next trip with us... whenever you are ready!

Florent, Sarah and Jérôme


Detours In France

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